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What is EasterLIVE? EasterLIVE is an on-line real-time passion play, over 100 people and groups all telling the Easter story in their own way. More information can be found at

I don’t have Twitter! How can I get EasterLIVE? Twitter isn’t that complicated. You don’t have to publish any personal information and it you want, you can just view, there is not obligation to publish your own “tweets”. Just go to When you have your Twitter account you can “follow” other users. Try following @easterLIVE and @richardmann55 (in Twitter-speak, the @ sign prefixing a word just means its a username). You can then see all the richness which is EasterLIVE.

Once in Twitter, don’t be confused about words being prefixed by # all this means is that the author thinks this is a key-word that someone might use in a search to find the tweet. For example all contributors to EasterLIVE use the “hashtag” #easterLIVE.

Back to the main story though. Things are getting interesting today with all sorts of disruption at the Temple, lots of different perspectives are coming out. If you want to follow what’s going on in my particular easterLIVE contribution, look at my previous posts in this blog which describes the background to the story and the cast of characters. Remember my name on Twitter is @richardmann55 and you are welcome to follow.


Coming up to the Holiday, things are tense in the City.  My Cast of Characters prepare for Passover.  To find out more, follow my Easter Live story at

Cast of Characters

Sam: Sam is a student of art at the University of Jerusalem. Being brought up as a strict Jew, Sam is a religious man but disillusioned with the establishment which seems to be indifferent to the oppression of Rome. Sam is a keen follower and supporter of Jesus who he sees as a leader who could lead an uprising against Rome. Sam hears through his contacts on the Internet that Jesus might be coming to Jerusalem soon!

Debbie: Debbie works at the Temple Gift Shop, its just a job at the end of the day but Debbie thinks its somehow special and like, working for God. Its a busy time of year coming up to Passover and Debbie has little time to think of anything else. All this talk about this troublemaker Jesus, why are there people like that who just want to cause trouble!

David doesn’t work anymore, he is confined to a wheelchair and has lost most of his strength through a degenerative disease. David has almost given up on life and just wants to end it all, yet he hasn’t got the strength. If only assisted suicide was legal!

Mark and Antonia are just an ordinary hard-working family who just want a better future. Antonia is 6 months pregnant and she wonders what sort of future is in store for her baby. They watch the news and read the papers, if only this Jesus had the answers but to be honest, they have other things to worry about – soon they will only have one income to live on!

Gary works for the Temple Police (undercover division). His job is to mix with people to try and judge if there is any trouble afoot and at the moment, what (if any) news there is of Jesus. He hears that there are rumours that Jesus is coming to Jerusalem. He also knows from colleagues that they have an agent deep within Jesus’ inner circle. The mood on the street is ugly and Gary is sure something is about to happen.

RN News XXIV, is the Roman Network news channel. Although under the control of Rome, RN is fairly good at reporting facts (just the facts, no opinion) and has a fairly good international reputation for accuracy. The network issues bulletins daily on Twitter and Facebook.