EasterLIVE Upate

What is EasterLIVE? EasterLIVE is an on-line real-time passion play, over 100 people and groups all telling the Easter story in their own way. More information can be found at http://easterlive2011.com

I don’t have Twitter! How can I get EasterLIVE? Twitter isn’t that complicated. You don’t have to publish any personal information and it you want, you can just view, there is not obligation to publish your own “tweets”. Just go to twitter.com/signup. When you have your Twitter account you can “follow” other users. Try following @easterLIVE and @richardmann55 (in Twitter-speak, the @ sign prefixing a word just means its a username). You can then see all the richness which is EasterLIVE.

Once in Twitter, don’t be confused about words being prefixed by # all this means is that the author thinks this is a key-word that someone might use in a search to find the tweet. For example all contributors to EasterLIVE use the “hashtag” #easterLIVE.

Back to the main story though. Things are getting interesting today with all sorts of disruption at the Temple, lots of different perspectives are coming out. If you want to follow what’s going on in my particular easterLIVE contribution, look at my previous posts in this blog which describes the background to the story and the cast of characters. Remember my name on Twitter is @richardmann55 and you are welcome to follow.

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