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The BBC reported this week that FaceBook founder Mark Zuckerberg had announced that email is dead. We now have a proliferation of different messaging and collaboration services, FaceBook, Twitter, Text Messaging and new services such as Apple’s iMessage. In the business world, there is a term called Unified Messaging, which was an attempt to unify email, voicemail and instant messaging. Maybe in the future, we will evolve a true Unified Messaging service bringing together all of the needs filled by the plethora of different services available on the Internet. This will be an interesting journey that I am excited to be in the midst of but it does have its challenges. One thing that email has over the various rivals is that it is truly open and standards based (you can choose email provider, but you can only get FaceBook from FaceBook) and the Social Media industry will have to address that issue eventually. Email and Twitter seem as far apart as chalk and cheese, email private, personal demanding-of-attention and Twitter, public, open, take-it-or-leave it, it will be fascinating to see what emerges. Bring it on!
BBC Clash of the titans: Email v social media
This item came to me via Twitter from Richard Littledale @richardlittleda I shows an amazing rescue that could have been a scene from Thunderbirds!
What’s in THE MESSAGE this week? At THE MESSAGE, here at Rothwell Baptist Church, Sunday 27th November 6:30 PM we will look at the last chapter in John’s gospel (John 21) and reflecting on the author. In verse 21 Peter asks Jesus “What about him?” and we will be asking the same question. Last week, I intimated that there may be some videos of THE MESSAGE on-line and the first two have gone up this week. It’s always a bit nerve-racking when you see yourself on video, but I really hope having these up on YouTube will be of help to someone somewhere. However many people look at the YouTube videos, the total number of people seeing THE MESSAGE will be more than just those who come to the services.
Future World I love hi-tech visions of the future! This one is awesome, courtacy of Corning, hi-tech Glass specialists. I wonder how much our lives will look like this in say, 10 years time? Most of the underlying techology shown in the video exists, its just a matter of application.
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This week NASA announced that it is recruiting new astronauts. Given the US’s distinct lack of any manned space ships at the moment, it is rather not guaranteed that even if you got the job, you would ever go up. Significantly NASA describes the ability to speak Russian as a desirable attribute for candidates. This is because they now rely on the Russians to give them a lift into space, how ironic is that!
What’s in THE MESSAGE this week?
“The Son is Up” At THE MESSAGE, here at Rothwell Baptist Church, Sunday 20th November6:30 PM will will look at the Resurrection of Jesus through the eye witness account of St. John. This account was of events over 2000 years ago but people can be surprised and delighted by encounters with the Risen Lord even today, find out more at THE MESSAGE on Sunday. This is the penultimate episode of the John series; looking back its been quite a journey, developing 26 short talks on John’s Gospel. Maybe I will have more thoughts nest week when I have finished the final talk!  (don’t tell anyone but videos of some of THE MESSAGE talks may be available on-line soon). with the Risen Lord
Healthy Snack?
You couldn’t make it up! I heard on the Radio this morning, that the highly esteemed Royal Society for Chemistry had announced that the cheapest nourashing snack was a thing called a “toast sandwich” from Mrs Beeton. Just in case you mis-understand, what we are talking about here is a slice of toast beteen two slices of (untoasted) bread (butter optional but seasoning recommended). They have issued a challenge to anyone who can out do them, in terms of a cheaper filling meal!!As soon a I got home, I went straight to my “Mrs Beeton’s Cookery and Household Management” to see if I could find the recipe. Imagine my delight when I found “Toast Sandwiches” in the index but sadly, my 1969 edition simply described sandwiches made with toast instead of bread.
Lunch Sorted!
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This week my attention was captured by a couple of features on new and innovative flying machines.   One theme that has struck me is that these 21st Centaury machines put me in mind of the early pioneers of flying rather than the space-age era of Apollo moon rockets and Concorde.  These new innovations are all high-tech in that they use 21st C materials, electronics and understanding of aerodynamics, but they all use propellers and fans or some such, rather than rockets or jet engines.   Maybe our latest technology can help us build machines that are kinder to the environment yet deliver a future for us that reaches to the sky.
What’s in THE MESSAGE this week?
This week is a very special MESSAGE in that we look quite simply at the how and why of Jesus’ Crucifixion?  Can this really be God’s greatest achievement?

Come along, each Sunday at 6:30 PM.  Everyone is welcome.

Jesus on the Cross

The Hoverwing
What do you get if you attach a couple of short wings to a hovercraft? The result may delight you, it did me. What you get is an amazing machine called a “hoverwing” which was showcased on the Gadget Show this week. It uses a phenomenon known as “ground effect” to fly several feet above the water. It can’t go any higher because it doesen’t have enough lift to fly in the way an aircraft does but relies on this ground effect. The really cool thing though is that this is a boat, which means do don’t need any kind of licence to take it up.
The Martin Jetpack revisited
Watching the above clip made me think of a flying machine I stumbled upon last year called the Martin Jetpack. This seemed really exciting except that the YouTube videos available were either taken indiside a hanger or showed a Jetpack hover a tentative stationary foot above the ground surrounded by attendants ready to catch the flyer. The thing was quite obviously not airworthy. A casual visit to the website today though showed a different story, a man soars many 100s of feet above the ground in what looked like quite breezy whether. OK, the “landing” sequence rather involved a parachute but this Is definite progress, maybe Christmas 2012?
Thunderbirds are Go!
When you think of airships you either think of the terrible R101 disaster of 1930 or more recent “blimps” used for publicity in major sporting events. But forget those memories, take a look at one of these and note its similarity to Thunderbird 2.
And Finally if you want to see a real flying hero, look at check out the Adventures of a Cave Man
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A really scary thought occurred to me this week.  First there was the news report I read regarding the “Singularitarians” movement  that believe in a moment known as “The Singularity” at which point a human created Artificial Intelligence (AI) would become more intelligent than the human creator (some say this could happen as soon as 2030).  Then, I pondered the news of ever increasing doom and gloom in the international money markets and noted that the thing everyone is afraid of is what the “Markets” think.  Now, if these “Markets” depend on automated trading, computer models and networks etc as well as hundreds and thousands of individuals, “The Markets” could be considered at best a “hive mind”, or maybe even a hybrid or Artificial Intelligence.
Could we have already passed the “Sigularity” and already be the unwitting subjects of a global all-powerful AI, not a single identifiable entity, like a computer that could be switched off, but a network of networks human and computer operating at a much higher and independent level?  Regardless of this I dont think “The Markets” are our friends, they have no humanity, no compassion and they are certainly not God-fearing.  Maybe it will take a global financial mealt-down to vanquish this beast. I hope not, but lets pray that sense will prevail and people, with all their flaws remain in charge.
What’s in THE MESSAGE this week?

November is an exciting time for THE MESSAGE at Rothwell Baptist Church.  We are concluding our John series with 4 weeks dedicated to Jesus’ trial, death and glorious resurrection.  This may seem a lot like Easter but we don’t mind because all the time is the right time to celebrate what Jesus did on the Cross.  Its quite appropriate in fact to do this in the lead-up to Christmas because it reminds us that the birth of Christ is the beginning of a journey that leads ultimately to the Cross, the Resurrection and because of that, our salvation.
All of this with up to date examples and modern language, making THE MESSAGE relevant to your life today.  So, come along, each Sunday in November at 6:30 PM.  Everyone is welcome.

Leap Seconds
Every few years the “powers that be” add or subtract a second, to keep our standard time (measured by atomic clocks) in sync with astronomical time (e.g. rotation of the earth).  Now they are thinking about stopping doing that, detaching time from the moon the stars and planets forever.
Link to BBC Leap Seconds explanation

The Mr Nice Guy of Apple
Jonny Ive

There’s been a lot of speculation about the future of Apple following the death of Steve Jobs.  But the real brains behind Apple’s succession of unique products in their chief designer Jonny Ive.   Jonny is British and unlike the late Mr. Jobs (who according to some, wasn’t a very nice person), is a thoroughly likable chap.

The Darker side of Apple

Standing firm: Christin Romer sitting at her Apfelkind cafe
I was rather saddened this week when I heard that a German Café known as “Apfelkind”, is being threatened with legal action by Apple, for alleged infringement of its logo.  C’mon Apple, grow-up, you didn’t invent the fruit you use as a name and logo, God did!
Its probably the case that Apple know they don’t have a leg to stand-on but the sheer financial might they can bring to bear means the café will have to back-down because they will simply be unable to afford to fight the case.  Typical bullyboy tactics.