Weekly Mash-Up, 11th November 2011

This week my attention was captured by a couple of features on new and innovative flying machines.   One theme that has struck me is that these 21st Centaury machines put me in mind of the early pioneers of flying rather than the space-age era of Apollo moon rockets and Concorde.  These new innovations are all high-tech in that they use 21st C materials, electronics and understanding of aerodynamics, but they all use propellers and fans or some such, rather than rockets or jet engines.   Maybe our latest technology can help us build machines that are kinder to the environment yet deliver a future for us that reaches to the sky.
What’s in THE MESSAGE this week?
This week is a very special MESSAGE in that we look quite simply at the how and why of Jesus’ Crucifixion?  Can this really be God’s greatest achievement?

Come along, each Sunday at 6:30 PM.  Everyone is welcome.

Jesus on the Cross

The Hoverwing
What do you get if you attach a couple of short wings to a hovercraft? The result may delight you, it did me. What you get is an amazing machine called a “hoverwing” which was showcased on the Gadget Show this week. It uses a phenomenon known as “ground effect” to fly several feet above the water. It can’t go any higher because it doesen’t have enough lift to fly in the way an aircraft does but relies on this ground effect. The really cool thing though is that this is a boat, which means do don’t need any kind of licence to take it up.
The Martin Jetpack revisited
Watching the above clip made me think of a flying machine I stumbled upon last year called the Martin Jetpack. This seemed really exciting except that the YouTube videos available were either taken indiside a hanger or showed a Jetpack hover a tentative stationary foot above the ground surrounded by attendants ready to catch the flyer. The thing was quite obviously not airworthy. A casual visit to the website today though showed a different story, a man soars many 100s of feet above the ground in what looked like quite breezy whether. OK, the “landing” sequence rather involved a parachute but this Is definite progress, maybe Christmas 2012?
Thunderbirds are Go!
When you think of airships you either think of the terrible R101 disaster of 1930 or more recent “blimps” used for publicity in major sporting events. But forget those memories, take a look at one of these and note its similarity to Thunderbird 2.
And Finally if you want to see a real flying hero, look at http://www.yorkshireflyer.co.uk/ check out the Adventures of a Cave Man
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