Weekly Mash-Up, 18th November 2011

This week NASA announced that it is recruiting new astronauts. Given the US’s distinct lack of any manned space ships at the moment, it is rather not guaranteed that even if you got the job, you would ever go up. Significantly NASA describes the ability to speak Russian as a desirable attribute for candidates. This is because they now rely on the Russians to give them a lift into space, how ironic is that!
What’s in THE MESSAGE this week?
“The Son is Up” At THE MESSAGE, here at Rothwell Baptist Church, Sunday 20th November6:30 PM will will look at the Resurrection of Jesus through the eye witness account of St. John. This account was of events over 2000 years ago but people can be surprised and delighted by encounters with the Risen Lord even today, find out more at THE MESSAGE on Sunday. This is the penultimate episode of the John series; looking back its been quite a journey, developing 26 short talks on John’s Gospel. Maybe I will have more thoughts nest week when I have finished the final talk!  (don’t tell anyone but videos of some of THE MESSAGE talks may be available on-line soon).
http://www.rothwellbaptist.org.uk/Encounters with the Risen Lord
Healthy Snack?
You couldn’t make it up! I heard on the Radio this morning, that the highly esteemed Royal Society for Chemistry had announced that the cheapest nourashing snack was a thing called a “toast sandwich” from Mrs Beeton. Just in case you mis-understand, what we are talking about here is a slice of toast beteen two slices of (untoasted) bread (butter optional but seasoning recommended). They have issued a challenge to anyone who can out do them, in terms of a cheaper filling meal!!As soon a I got home, I went straight to my “Mrs Beeton’s Cookery and Household Management” to see if I could find the recipe. Imagine my delight when I found “Toast Sandwiches” in the index but sadly, my 1969 edition simply described sandwiches made with toast instead of bread.
Lunch Sorted!
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