Who’s Law is it anyway?

This week in The MESSAGE, the regular Sunday evening service at Rothwell Baptist Church, I will be speaking on Acts 6:8 – 7:60, the stoning of Stephen.

Although this is an ancient story, it occurred to me that the suffering of Christians at the hands of violent men may not ever have been greater than it is today. It’s not widely reported in the secular news, but if you look at websites such as those run by Open Doors and the Barnabas Fund you can see many examples. An uninteded consequence of the Arab Spring has been the persecution of minority Christian communities.

Even in the UK, it’s not easy being a Christian. You are considered strange, mad or irrelevant by many. If you are really unlucky you suffer from persecution at work, not being allowed to wear a cross or being forced to work on a Sunday.

Is it worth it? In a world of ruin and moral decline someone has to stand up for what is right, to say, Enough!  In a world with no absolute moral values, then who is to stop us reaching the point that anything goes? If nothing is sacred then who is to say that life itself is sacred?

This Week, Nick Graves pointed out the article linked below. I am sure it will horrify you. Ask yourself this question though: If this were to be allowed by UK Law and you don’t believe in God’s law, then who’s to say it is wrong?


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  1. Absolutely right. Been thinking this week about the sad fact that we have allowed a secular and sacred divide to occur. Keeping what God says out of the secular world. Its about time we bridged that divide and realised the power of Jesus’ words ‘the kingdom of is at hand’!

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