I was really excited about spending the day taking photographs at Wakefield Cathedral as part of their “366 Days” project. Anyone can volunteer and they are looking for one photographer for every day of this year.

There was a warm welcome and things were made more interesting in that they are currently dismantling the old pews as part of an extensive refurbishment. It was great to be allowed in amongst the mess to explore all the photographic possibilities offered by the lighting conditions due to bright sunlight pouring through the stained glass windows.

I took time to participate in the lunchtime Eucharist service and when talking to the pastor afterward, she mentioned how strange it was, having services in such a small space during the refurbishment. This reminded me of the recent re-building at Rothwell Baptist Church, where we had to hold our services in our smaller room for several years, so I could appreciate the challenge.

Although church buildings are just bricks and mortar, the transformation of the buildings has been a blessing here at Rothwell and we have opened up so many possibilities to serve our community and attract many more people to use our facilities. Looking at what Wakefield Cathedral’s plans are, I am sure that they will reinvigorate their relationship with the City at large.

Just as Jesus was restored from death, his followers are similarly re-born and so the real transformation is not in the buildings but in the people who come through our doors. But I think that our transformed places of worship can open up amazing new opportunities.

My best photos of the day can be found in my Gooble Album here

The 366 Days website is here

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  1. Great observations and stunning photos! Like you I am also struck by the transformation theme. The cathedral being returned to it’s former glory, not unlike God’s ultimate plan for his creation.

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