Addicted to running?

Is it possible to be addicted to running?  If you look at the FaceBook posts of someone like me, you might well think so.  Though over the last two days, I haven’t been running. Why? Because I am preparing for the Thirsk 10 mile race tomorrow and I really want to be fresh for this race.  It’s really strange not being out there pounding the streets.  This morning I marshalled at the Leeds Park Run (nearly messing everything up bydropping a bundle of finishing tags) and how odd it was not running!

So, this afternoon I took a stroll, not even power-walking around the neighborhood.  When you walk, you take things in, things that you don’t notice when you are speeding along.  Spring is in the air, people are out gardenning,  parents are out with the kids along the path by the little stream, and it occurred to me what a nice place to live this is.   Praise God for the blessings he places upon us lets try not to complain too much.

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