Monthly Archives: April 2012

We have just finished watching a recording of “King of Kings” which is a 1961 film describing the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  While I winced at the liberties they took with the story as told in the Bible, the heart of the producer was in the right place and I enjoyed this epic “big production”.

Near the end, I was surprised at one particular innovative scene.  Instead of covering the final sentencing of Christ by Pilate, the scene was in the jail where Brarbbas was being held.  Now Barabbas obviously thought he was about to be taken out to be killed, but instead the guard said he could go free.  Explaining that the crowd had chosen him to be set free rather than Jesus, the guard finally said, “Go, look at Him who is dying for you”

And that was great, one poignant scene, summing up the point of the whole story.


Feeling very much the idea of burger and chips for lunch today, imagine my delight that today was the day a new branch of the Hand Made Burger Co. was opening not 100 yards from where I work.  Yay!

So, come lunchtime and feeling sufficiently peckish, I set-out through the sunshine (yesterday forgotten) to sample it’s delights.  Now, this isn’t McDonalds!  It’s an eating place of the popular genre of themed chain restaurants like Nando’s, Frankie & Benny’s etc.  I had not been to one of these before, but I was talked though the menu and system by the very helpful waitress.

This is not fast food either, I think they must have to go out to catch a cow AFTER you order.  Fair do’s though, this was their first day and I guess the staff must be on a learning curve.  It was real food, thank goodness; you know when after eating a McDonalds, you get that after taste that tells you what you have eaten was not strictly wholesome?  And, afterwards you are also somehow not fully satisfied?  Well, I am pleased to say there was no such sensations after eating the wholesome burger and chunky “hand cut” chips at this joint.  It was a good job I didn’t have a glass of wine or beer with the meal, or else I really would have gone to sleep in the afternoon.

All in all, an excellent meal, very tasty and good service.  They also do a very delicious line in skewers and I can’t wait to try a minted lamb burger.  Mmmm.

I really needed my run this evening to burn off those calories.

I’ve been dying for an excuse to use this photo, which I took in Bulgaria (and that quote from Groundhog Day) for ages and today seems appropriate.

When I woke up this morning it was chucking it down with snow.  I needed to get to Bolton for 9:30 so I set off at around 7 to give me plenty of time, thinking the snow won’t really take hold on the Motorways.

Over the top on the M62 was mayhem with traffic moving at about 15 miles per hour (when it speeded up), a jack-knifed truck blocking the road completely on the east-bound side and an absolutely raging blizzard.

Thankfully, I arrived in Bolton at about 10:00 which isn’t bad going.  I am just about to set off home, so lets hope things will have got better over the day.  I can’t wait to be back in the warmth of home with my wonderful wife!