The Hand Made Burger Co. The Review!

Feeling very much the idea of burger and chips for lunch today, imagine my delight that today was the day a new branch of the Hand Made Burger Co. was opening not 100 yards from where I work.  Yay!

So, come lunchtime and feeling sufficiently peckish, I set-out through the sunshine (yesterday forgotten) to sample it’s delights.  Now, this isn’t McDonalds!  It’s an eating place of the popular genre of themed chain restaurants like Nando’s, Frankie & Benny’s etc.  I had not been to one of these before, but I was talked though the menu and system by the very helpful waitress.

This is not fast food either, I think they must have to go out to catch a cow AFTER you order.  Fair do’s though, this was their first day and I guess the staff must be on a learning curve.  It was real food, thank goodness; you know when after eating a McDonalds, you get that after taste that tells you what you have eaten was not strictly wholesome?  And, afterwards you are also somehow not fully satisfied?  Well, I am pleased to say there was no such sensations after eating the wholesome burger and chunky “hand cut” chips at this joint.  It was a good job I didn’t have a glass of wine or beer with the meal, or else I really would have gone to sleep in the afternoon.

All in all, an excellent meal, very tasty and good service.  They also do a very delicious line in skewers and I can’t wait to try a minted lamb burger.  Mmmm.

I really needed my run this evening to burn off those calories.

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  1. You are very fortunate to have a variety of places to eat near where you work. We simply have a Tesco nearby and the usual unhealthy outfits, though 5 minutes away from Glasgow City Centre for better choices. Totally agree on the unwholesome after taste from McDonalds. Been put off since watching Supersize Me. I just stick with fruit and the organic flapjacks.

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