I am writing this from a bed in one of the wards in the Cardiac Department of LGI following my ablation procedure earlier in the day. I feel great given what they’ve just done to me and they say I can go home today, fantastic!

Firstly I have to say how impressed I am with all the doctors and nurses here at the LGI, their professionalism and good humour has made this limited stay a really positive experience.

The original plan was for me to have this under general anaesthetic but due to the anaesthetist not being available it was done under local and a sedative (morphine). While this meant discomfort and for a very limited time, some pain, it really gave me an insight into what was going on!

I was wired up like a school electronics project and I had more stickers on than my grandson’s Gruffalo sticker activity book. Then, when the catheter was finally inserted through my groin up into my heart, the felling was seriously weird (not actually unpleasant but very strange). It was good (and reassuring) to hear the conversations about what they were seeing and finding – positive problem areas to target. The actual ablation wasn’t very nice and this was when they had to drug me up with morphine. This seemed to work and at one stage I dropped off!

It was great to hear the chatter and jokes between the doctors and nurses, they talked about one colleague coming in with a cold and spreading their germs “probably ebola” and a few other things that caused me to laugh and beg them to stop!

What next? Well, as I said I feel really quite alright, even though I was I the theatre for about 9:00 am till 1:00 PM. I don’t have any weird heart rhythms despite all the extreme things which have been done to it! I thank the doctors, nurses and all the professionals at LGI and I also thank God for protecting me and making this difficult experience pass with so,little stress.

I thank my friends for their messages of support, thoughts and prayers.

3 thoughts on “Recovery

  1. Hi Richard, we have been out of touch for a while, I was pleased to read you have had wonderful and successful treatment. I do feel guilty I wasn’t able to offer support to you as you and Elise did for me whilst I was in hospital. You regularly visited me on a number of occasions which none of my colleagues couldn’t manage to do. Your kindness and thoughtfulness will not be forgotten.

    I am please you have experienced the high technology medical science have available, and hope this will give you a long and health life

    God bless

    1. Hi Craig, great to hear from you! (Woody mentioned to me that you were in Wakefield some weeks ago but unfortunately I could not make it; maybe next time). Please don’t feel guilty, I feel very fortunate that the problems I had were so minor and have managed to by cured by medical science. Since I wrote that Blog entry I have made a full recovery from the procedure and this Sunday I am running the London Marathon for the British Heart Foundation, I feel really blessed that I am able to do that. Like I said, it is amazing to hear from you and we really ought to keep in touch! R (PS: If you haven’t found it yet, my running blog is )

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