How to hack a car!

I heard on the news today that someone has worked out how to hack a car!Seriously, it’s (apparently) possible to compromise a car’s audio system with a rogue DAB radio signal, embedding code which could the potentially operate the car break and other systems under the control of various on-board computers.
For crying out loud, why design-In vulnerability?

I often think that the entire IT security industry is predicated in protecting against abject stupidity.

Think of the “humble” word processor; how come it’s possible to compromise your whole PC simply by opening a document? In the good old days a document was just that; some text plus formatting information – it doesn’t need to contain a computer program!!

It seems to me that this kind of thinking, building in so much so-called flexibility and embedded programming, has led to a situation that even our CARS need a firewall!!

Maybe it’s time to unpick some of our basic ICT functionality and go back to basics asking ourselves: do we NEED all this stuff that uses evermore processing power and storage, just to make ourselves ever more vulnerable!

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